Cardboard Boat Regatta


The Pleasant Prairie Mini Maker Faire will be hosting for the first time… a Cardboard Boat Regatta! This race is open for any team to compete. All teams must register prior to the event. There is no cost to compete!

Regatta brochure PDF can be found here.

All teams and boats need to establish a theme. The theme should be portrayed in the design and decor of the boat. Team members are encouraged to dress to their theme as well. How well the theme is choreographed is a big part of the competition and will be a combined for your over all score.




  1. Boats must be made BEFORE THE RACE
  2. Boats must be made ONLY of cardboard, duct tape, hot glue, and all-purpose glue. NO reinforced cardboard tubes, only broken – down cardboard boxes
  3. Cardboard can be sealed with any paint (oil based), no other sealants – must be dry for a minimum of 24 hours
  4. Boats may be a maximum width of 60” (5 ft) and a maximum length of 96” (8ft)
  5. There is not maximum height requirement
  6. Boats must be completely enclosed, or permit the crew to remain fully on top of the vessel (You are not permitted to have dangling extremities.)
  7. Boats must be propelled by the use of a paddle. No artificial paddles are allowed; paddles must meet the same construction requirements as the boats (cardboard and duct tape hot glue, and all-purpose glue. NO reinforced cardboard tubes, only broken–down cardboard boxes)
  8. If any illegal items used in construction are discovered during the pre or post race inspection, the boat will be disqualified

Teams will start in the water touching the end of the pool; teams will paddle to the opposite end ring the bell, then about face and paddle back to the original end of the pool they started on, at which point they will change out crew members (2 new crew members) who will then navigate the course again finishing at their starting position.

  1. Boats will need to be designed to carry two individuals and allow for easy crew transition
  2. Each person must bring their own PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
  3. Teams consist of 4 individuals with an alternate if needed
  4. Teammates who are not in the boat may not help push the boat away from the pool deck both at the beginning of the race and during the half way switch
  5. The race must begin and end with the two person crew intact
  6. Swimming and/or pulling the boat, or the use of the wall or other boats will result in disqualification
  7. Each boat will travel roughly 100 meters
  8. Time from heats will determine placement for finals
  9. If a participant falls out of the boat, then the team will attempt to finish the race with only one person paddling. The person who fell out while changing drivers will be disqualified. If a team member falls out while trying to get out to change paddlers, then the entire team has to wait until the person in the water gets out.

Please fill out the form below for each individual on the team. Make sure each team member fills out the Team Name correctly. This is how we will connect your form to the rest of your teammates.