What are you presenting at Pleasant Prairie Mini Maker Faire?

Little Puppet Company presents a make and take paper plate mouth puppet.

What inspires you to make?

Making puppets is very fulfilling, it involves learning new skills, stretching existing skills and problem solving all for creative and fun results. I love creating new performances and the creatures who populate them. Puppetry is unique in that it includes a wide range of arts from design and writing to carpentry, sculpture and sewing.

What project have you made that you are proud of, and why?

I am proud of my show “Monster’s Birthday Party” and of build work I have performed for a number of theatrical outlets. You may have seen my building work at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in the giant puppeteer character. I love to connect with an audience through a puppet that I have built.

What tips or advice would you give someone who want to become a Maker?

Keep trying even if, and especially if it doesn’t work the first time. I have learned more from mistakes than from stuff that went perfectly.

Look on YouTube and eHow for demonstrations of new techniques and materials– there is a lot of information that can be attained by seeing someone else do something.

Make prototypes and small experiments to figure out how to make things work and find out where problems may lurk.

Tell us about one of your failed projects.

I made a hobby horse for the Renaissance fair and its head was a disaster– boxy and the mouth kept getting stuck open. I wish I had remade it.

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