Now that you are a Maker, what comes next? It’s great to create, but it’s even better when you can share what you make. With all the different activities you can take part in as a Maker, it might be hard to find the way to share your projects with a community of interested individuals.


At Cassarony, we share pictures of our prints on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and short videos on our Instagram story. We also like to livestream our prints on Facebook (occasionally Instagram). Finally, we use Medium to share what we’ve learned—like finding out filament expires!

Cassarony just does 3D printing, but all these platforms can be used by any kind of maker!


Pinterest is made for DIY-ers, which isn’t unlike making. This is a great platform for sharing finished projects and tutorials. Title your boards specifically and use relevant tags in post to help make sure you show up in searches.


The front page of the internet, Reddit is perfect for Makers. Use r/maker to share your creations, tutorials, or ask for guidance. Search for specific topics—like wood working, Lego, or 3D printing—to find more specific subreddits.


There are so many communities within Instagram and you can easily find your way into one by using and searching hashtags!

I have learned so much through Instagram and have found tons of inspiration there. I would have never known about acetone fuming (a finishing technique) until I saw other people doing it and now I use it as a finish technique on most of our ABS prints! In turn, I know our Instagram has taught tons of other people about acetone fuming as well!

Maker Faires

Maker Faires are a great way to interact with lots of different people making in many different ways! You can display your creations, teach people about what you make, or even sell items at Maker Faires.

Maker Faires are also a great avenue for finding new ways to make and to meet people doing similar projects like yours.

Wrap Up

There are so many places to share what you make. Find communities online and locally to display your creations and learn from others!

Tweet us, @CassaronyPrints and let us know how you share your projects.

Written by Cassandra Polzin, also published on Cassarony

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